37.1. If there are no grounds for criminal charges, a foreign national shall be deported if he/she meets one of the following circumstances:

37.1.1. is believed, on the basis of sufficient factual proof, to use an a passport that is invalid or forged documents;

37.1.2 has failed to leave the country after residence permit duration ends;

37.1.3 has violated the regulation on visa and registration twice or more times and charged with liability as stated in the present Law;

37.1.4. has undertaken activities prohibited in Article 13 of the “Law on control the circulation of narcotics and psychotropic drugs”;

37.1.5. if there are grounds as stated in Article 11.3 of the “Law on prevention of HIV/AIDS” or has been clinically approved with a mental disease;

37.1.6. has used an illegal acquired, counterfeited, or altered passport, visa or residence permit;

37.1.7. has been employed without permission from the competent authorities or engaged in an activity that is different from the purpose of his/her entry;

37.1.8. has failed to follow the Notice to exit the country voluntarily as stated in Article 35.1 of the present Law;

37.1.9. has violated public order twice or more time and charged with administrative liability, considering on the well based suggestion by public organizations;

37.1.10. has been considered, by the relevant competent authorities, to endanger national interest and public security;

37.1.11. has served his/her term of sentence, released on parole or pardoned, or has been transferred to his/her country of nationality in accordance with international treaties to which Mongolia is a party;

37.1.12. has failed to leave the country on or before the expiry of the term of a visa.

Article 38. The country to transfer a foreign national

38.1. Deported foreign national shall be transferred to their country of nationality.

38.2. Deported foreign national can be transferred to one of the following countries if the direct transfer to the country of nationality is impossible:

38.2.1. The country previously resided or country of birth;

38.2.2. The country of last transit before entering Mongolia;

38.2.3. The country where Mongolian visa is issued.