42.1.4. a person inviting a foreign national or other persons or company makes a foreign national to exceed his/her term of residence permit, or provide accommodation or work place shall be fined per number of foreign nationals as set forth in article 42.1.2 or 42.1.3 of the present Law;

42.1.6. an inviter who failed to register at the competent authority a foreign national shall be fined an amount equal to 5 to 10 times of minimum salary pursuant to laws and regulations /960000-1920000 tugrug/;

42.1.11 an inviter who failed to follow the visa term and regulations shall be fined an amount per the number of foreign nationals stated in Article 42.1.9 or 42.1.10;

42.1.15 s foreign national, an inviter or others who counterfeit, compile, forged the visa or permissions and documents that are granted by the competent authority shall be fined an amount equal to 3 to 6 times of minimum salary;

42.1.16 a foreign national or others who obstruct deportation process, show an act of resistance or show cruel degrading treatment to authorized public servant while they carry out duties shall be fined an amount equal to 3 to 5 times of minimum salary /576000-960000 tugrug/;