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Notice regarding the renewed visa and residence permit regulations

Admin 2018/07/17 Мэдээ, Мэдээ, мэдээлэл

Government of Mongolia has adopted “Visa issuance regulation” according to resolution #145 and “Regulation on resident permit and registration of foreign nationals” according to resolution #146 on 23rd of May, 2018. These regulations came into force starting from 1st of July, 2018.

  1. Visa permit validation is 90 days.


  1. Visa waivered duration according to international agreement is not extendable, if foreign citizen is willing to stay more than visa waivered duration must enter Mongolian border with appropriate visa.


  1. Foreign national can extend their temporary visa again after 90 days since the last visa extension.


  1. Foreign national shall apply for registration with their passport and completed application form.


  1. The application form shall be attached with 3.5x4.5 visa picture taken within the last 6 months. The picture is preferred to have bright background with no shadows.


  1. Please fill out application form complete. Failure to do so may result to refusal of visa issuance.


  1. Foreign national who requests residence permit or visit more than 30 days shall register within 7 working days since entering Mongolian border.


  1. Issuance and extension of visa, visa permit and residence permit would be resolved in 5 working days and express service will take 3 working days.


  1. Foreign national with residence permit who request visa shall apply with formal letter and passport.


  1. Foreign national is obliged to verify the accuracy of the information submitted.