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Other violations

If you violated employment regulation, operated different activities than your intended purpose, travel regulation, residence permit regulation, or didn`t carry any documents with you.


Required materials

1. Reason of offense, written request for resolution;

2. Statement of violation revocation;

3.Notarized letter of proxy for legal entity`s representative;

4. Copy of passport or relevant valid substitute (front page, expired visa page, stamp of entry, copy of residence permit card);

5. Receipt of fine payment/2 copies/.



Legal provision

  1. Article 16.2 section 1.2 of Law on Infringement


Amount of fine

  1. 100 units


Important notice

1. 1 unit equals 1000₮;

2.The amount of the fine shall be determined only by the state inspector of foreign citizenship, and in case of arbitrary payment of the fine, the state inspector shall not be liable;