Information center: 1900-1882

Tel: (+976) 9314-1010

Fax: (+976) 7013-3457

Secretary – Tel: 7013-3458

Requests and complaints: 3rdfloorNo.308 /

Address: Central office of Immigration of Mongolia, 10th khoroo, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia.


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Time table

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.30-17.00 08.30-17.00 08.30-17.00 08.30-17.00 08.30-17.00

Field offices
Local Departments Tel
Buyant – Ukhaa airport department 70049925
Dornogobi aimag department 02524543360
Selenge aimag department/Selenge, Darkhan-Uul aimags/ 7036-3100
Regional Departments
Eastern regional department /Dornod, Sukhbaatar, Khentii aimags/ 9314-1021
Southern regional department /Umnugobi, Dundgobi, Uvurkhangai, Bayankhongor, Gobisumber aimags/ 7611-1191
Western regional department /Khovd, Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Gobi-Altai, Zavkhan aimags/ 9314-1016
Northern regional department /Khuvsgul, Orkhon, Bulgan, Arkhangai aimags/ 7035-7235; 7035-8559