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Immigration Agency of Mongolia has been accepting online visa extension requests since June 13 2022

The tourist season has started, and the number of tourists visiting Mongolia is increasing. In this regard, The Immigration Agency of Mongolia has begun receiving an application for an extension of the duration of stay once and up to 30 days for those who arrived as temporary visitors or without a visa, according to Mongolia’s international agreements from 13 June, either physically or electronically. As of June, applications were submitted personally for 234 foreign nationals from 27 countries, and applications were submitted electronically for 67 foreign nationals by 33 enterprises and individuals conferred by the agency. The foreign nationals and their inviters (individuals or enterprises) should refer to https://immigration.gov.mn/en/visa-extension/  for an electronic application for an extension for their stay in Mongolia and may get relevant information regarding service from our web page, using English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean. 
If the visa extension request is submitted online and granted, note that before leaving Mongolia, please refer to the nearest immigration offices: The central office, immigration offices in the provincial centers, and immigration officers at the border checkpoints for markings in the passports. 
In addition, please note that temporary visitors may apply for another extension after passing 90 days for the preceding extensions.