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We receive applications for visa extensions and deregistration of residence permits online

The Immigration Agency of Mongolia has begun receiving the applications for an extension of the visas and deregistration of residence permits electronically from June. As a result, now possible for foreign nationals and their inviters (individuals or enterprises) to refer to https://immigration.gov.mn for the applications instead of visiting the agency. Moreover, please note that, before leaving Mongolia, kindly refer to the nearest immigration offices: The central office, immigration officers in the provincial centers, and immigration officers at the border checkpoints for markings in the passports. Also, you may get relevant information regarding services from our web page, using English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean. 

Since the service has gone digital, we deregistered 553 residence permits and extended 119 visas electronically.

The agency has digitized eight services to provide prompt, open, and facilitated government services for our customers.