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Prohibited activities of foreign nationals


The following activities by foreign nationals are prohibited within Mongolian territory

  • In exercising the rights and freedoms provided by legislation and the international treaties of Mongolia, foreign national shall not act in a way which conflicts the interest of Mongolia, the rights and freedoms of Mongolian citizen or other human’s rights
  • Foreign national shall not elect or to be elected for the President and the State Great Hural as well as self-governing bodies of administrative units of Mongolia and shall not take part in national polls
  • Foreign national shall not engage in any political activities including set up or joining organizations, which carry out political activities in Mongolia;
  • Foreign national shall not carry out activities aimed at harming the national unity of Mongolia, spread cruel and inhuman religious teachings and doctrines, conduct religious activities in violation of human rights and other illegal methods, to distribute, promote and use drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • Foreign national shall not carry out activities without permission when it demands special authorization by means of law and authorized organization or officials;
  • Foreign national shall not violate regulations of visa, residence, and registration and to change the place of living to administrative units other than registered or to be employed without authorization from the competent state authority.
  • Other activities prohibited by laws and regulations.