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Foreigners Can Obtain Residence Permit Inquiries Online

In connection with the approval of "Procedures for Issuing, Possession, Storage, and Use of Residence Permit for Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons, and Travel Permit for Stateless Persons," the residence permit card of foreign citizens has been updated.

Specifically, the residence card conforming to international standards and meeting the structure and standards of travel documents with NFC technology, MRZone, QR code, F-register, or non-repeating 13-digit number issued to foreigners, has been issued since April 1.

 Also, according to section 1.3 of the Procedure, " A reference for a residence permit can be issued from the Integrated Database  of Visa and Registration of Foreign Citizens to foreign citizens who have obtained a residence permit in Mongolia for official or personal purposes”, it has become possible to receive and use digital inquiries from the page  https://eimmigration.mn The above electronic reference will only be used as a residence permit on the territory of Mongolia, and the original residence permit will be required in case of crossing the state border when entering into or leaving the country.

 In connection with the revision of the regulations, seven types of residence permit services are available online from April 10. These services include applying for a residence permit, changing the form of a residence permit, extending a residence permit, canceling a residence permit, registering a change in passport information, registering a change in residence address, and requesting to retrieve a discarded or lost residence permit. The Immigration Agency of Mongolia extends this digital service on the website at https://immigration.gov.mn/mn/residence-permit/.