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WeChat Pay introduced at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia

The Immigration Agency of Mongolia has introduced the WeChat Pay system as an option for accepting international payments. WeChat Pay, China's leading electronic payment method is widely used in over 64 countries worldwide. Foreign nationals visiting Mongolia for tourism or business purposes can now make visa payments and transactions through the WeChat pay system when obtaining a visa at the border. This means that upon arriving at the border, a foreign national can simply scan the provided QR code using their WeChat pay application and enter the payment amount to quickly complete the transaction.

Mongolia became the 65th country to introduce WeChat Pay, and the Mongolian currency has become the 25th currency to be supported by the WeChat Pay system. This service is not only a widely used payment system with 1.2 billion users in the world but also offers a convenient way to make payments using your mobile phone, eliminating the need for cash or cards. We are actively working towards implementing the WeChat Pay system across all types of services provided by the Immigration Agency of Mongolia.

WeChat Pay system is one of the many payment systems that the Immigration Agency of Mongolia has gradually implemented in its operations. You can also make payments using the Gerege kiosks and Golomt Bank POS merchant services at the border.