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Foreigners traveling for tourism are advised not to engage in activities other than the purpose of their visit

To support tourism and increase the number of tourists, the Mongolian Government declared 2023 through 2025 the “Years to Visit Mongolia”. Within this framework, citizens from 99 countries can now apply for e-visas for 30 days of tourism purposes, and citizens from 34 countries have been exempted from visa requirements, in total of citizens from 65 countries can travel visa-free to Mongolia during this period.

However, in recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of violations by citizens of countries who have obtained e-visas for tourism purposes and have been exempted from visa requirements for working in Mongolia without the permission of the authorities and for carrying out activities other than the purpose of their visit.

Therefore, it is forbidden by law for foreigners who come for tourism to engage in trade, work in health, education, and other institutions without permission, or carry out activities that do not correspond to their purpose, such as religious propaganda, so use tourist visas only for their intended purpose, prevent such violations, and it is recommended not to repeat it.