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Required documents for renunciation of citizenship


1. Request letter (Letter shall be addressed to the President of Mongolia explaining clearly about the reasons to renunciate his/her citizenship, which country`s citizenship he/she wishes to obtain, duration of residency in that country, what country’s citizenship the applicant’s father, mother, wife /husband/ and children hold and their employment status, If the applicant wishes to renunciate his/her child`s citizenship);

1.1 Applicant shall write: To the President of Mongolia /name and surname/ in the first row, Year ……. Month ………Day ……. /aimag, soum, district/ in the next row and the content of the application in the next row. And detailed explanation of the application content shall follow. And the current address, name and surname, telephone number, email address shall be written next and application must be signed by the applicant. If the application is typed using computer, it must be verified by signature of the applicant at the end.

2. Biography of three generations (including biography of the applicant, wife/husband/, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother);

2.1 Must include biography of grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, wife/husband and the applicant. In the biography, date and current address must be written and must verify the biography with signature.

2.2 In the first row, applicant must start by writing name and surname. Grandfather and grandmother’s biography first, father and mother’s biography second and wife/husband’s and applicant’s own biography third explaining in detail the life from birth to current day with correct order of dates and finally applicant must verify and sign the biographies at the end with his/her full name and surname.

3. Application form;

4. Notarized copies of birth certificate, citizen’s identification card, foreign passport, copy of birth certificate of children under 16 years of age;

5.Notarized copies of marriage certificate if married or official decision from authorized organization on divorce if divorced;

6. Notarized copy of agreement of parents who are applying for Mongolian citizenship for themselves and their children under the age of 16;

7. Notarized copy of written permission of children aged 16 to 18 applying for change of citizenship;

8. If you wish to give up mongolian citizenship, approval letter of naturalization /with translation/ must be acquired by the another country;

9.Proof that the applicant has no debt and bills left;

9.1 From court;

9.2 Judicial enforcement agency;

9.3 General authority of taxation;

9.4 Government scholarship fund;

10. Receipt of payment /60.000₮/;

11. 3 photos.