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Covid-19 General Guidance for All Workers and Employers
1. Prevent the spread of Covid-19 in workplace

  1. Employees are required to be fully vaccinated ;
  2. Demand costumers to wear a mask and sanitize their hands;
  3. Do not allow visitors, clients or employees to enter the workplace if they have any suspicious symptoms such as fever (above 37.1), cough or shortness of breath;
  4. Isolate an employee with suspicious symptoms and return him / her to his / her home, notify the relevant authorities if necessary and seek advice;
  5. If the employee and his/her family member are isolated, they shall be allowed to work from home until the end of the observation period;
  6. Encourage employees with chronic underlying diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary) to work from home as they are at high risk; 
  7. Provide vitamins to support the health and immunity of employees;
  8. Flexible management of workload and working hours of employees;
  9. Organize online meetings and conferences to avoid meetings with more than two people;
  10. Do yoga and breathing exercises in a simple way to relieve stress, calm the mind, eat right and go to bed early;
  11. Have a positive attitude and avoid negative information;

2. Maintain a good hygiene in a workplace

  1. 1. Clean hard surfaces every 2 hours such as door handles, stair handles, table surfaces, computer screens, keyboards, mice, and wires, as the surface of objects touched by employees and customers may be a source of COVID-19 contamination. , disinfect by wiping with 0.015% solution of bleach and javelin;
  2. Prepare a new disinfectant solution for each cleaning;
  3. Employees should avoid using other people's desks and computers and, if necessary, disinfect before and after use;
  4. Arrange a distance of at least 2 meters between staff and guests and clients;
  5. Arrange a working distance of 1.5 meters between employees;
  6. Place hand sanitizers at work entrance and exit doors, toilets, and other required locations and refill them regularly.
  7. Washing hands with soap and water reduces the risk of infection, so staff and clients have access to toilets and hand washes, and place hand soap and hand sanitizer;
  8. Regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets;
  9. Place trash cans with special markings for disposing of used masks and paper towels;
  10. Regular natural ventilation in the workplace;
Important :

You may be infected if you have any of the following symptoms:

  •   Cough
  •  sore throat,
  •  loss of taste or smell,
  •  headache,
  •  diarrhoea,
  •  tiredness,
  •  38 хэм хүртэл халуурч байвал

КОВИД-19-ийн халдварын хөнгөн хэлбэрээр өвчилсөн байх магадлалтай.
In this case, you should not be afraid to isolate yourself at home for 10 days, drink as much liquid and warmth as possible, eat high-calorie food and get a good night's sleep. Do light exercise.
 If necessary, treat symptoms such as fever reduction and analgesia. Also take 4,000-5,000 mg of vitamin D once a day and 1,000 mg of vitamin C once a day for 14 days..

  • If you have: (Severe forms of KOVID 19)
  •  Shortness of breath, shortness of breath in adults with 20 or more breaths per minute,
  •  Cough sharply,
  •  Bruising of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, lips and fingertips,
  •  Loss of taste and smell,
  •  Chest pain,
  •  Fever above 38 degrees,

  In some cases, if you have symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting, seek medical attention immediately and call 119 for help..
Even if you have received the full dose of the vaccine, be sure to follow your infection control regimen for your baby and pregnant mother!