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Apply for F2 visa permission

Important notice for the inviting organization!


In accordance with the article 4.4 of Mongolian visa issuance regulation, "The visa issuing authority can issue visa without visa permission for single and double entry visa for up to 90 days"


Visa permission requirements:


▪ Official request letter


▪ Copy of invitor`s ID


▪ Proof of prior Mongolian citizenship


▪ Copy of passport or relevant valid substitute (must be valid for a minimum of 180 days before your intended travel to Mongolia);


▪ Receipt of payment;


▪ Completed application form. (Apply online)





▪ A response will be sent to registered e-mail, in case of visa permission refusal.

▪ Visa permission is valid for 60 days after issuance

▪ Short-term visitor must apply for residence permit at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia within 21 days after entry

▪ Short-term visitor must apply for residence permit if intended stay is more than 180 days in one year

▪ You can re-apply again after 180 days If documents are found forged or obtained the visa by false declaration, 30 days if the application has been denied for other reasons.


Processing time:

Standard- 5 working days
Expedite- 3 working days



Recipient account: Golomt bank- 1320000052

Recipient name: "Гадаадын иргэн, ХГазар"

Transaction description: Визийн Зөвшөөрөл 1 хүн 2500₮
Standard- 2500₮
Expedite- 5000₮


Visa issuing authority

Mongolian diplomatic mission abroad, consulate and representative offices and Mongolian border points


Visa permission applicants must apply at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia.


Apply online