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Main goal of organizational unit

1Administration department
Main function of Administrative department is to ensure that operational plan, implementation of decree, report process, human recourse development, improvement of legislation, record of legislation and cooperation between organizational units runs smoothly. Also to ensure the safety of organization and prevent from any future conflict of interest.
2Visa and permission department
Main function of Visa and permission department is to issue visa, visa permission, extend and cancel visa for foreign national and stateless person. And also, responsible for registration of temporary residents, foreign national and stateless person residing in Mongolia for official or private purposes, issuance of residence permits, extention, revise and revoke permits, and to issue electronic ID
3Citizenship department
The agency implements action for a citizenship acquisition, loss and restoration and revocation proposal introduction to the higher level government authorities. Also, to issue, extend and cancel the permit of an establishment of a branch and representative offices of international and foreign non-governmental organizations in Mongolia and to oversee their activity.
4Offence review and investigation department
Main function of Offence review and investigation department is to monitor the implementation of law, resolve occuring violations. Department is also responsible for deportation of foreign national as well as cancellation of deportation, set duration before returning back to Mongolia and record an integrated database for foreign nationals.
5Finance division
The central budget governor is responsible for planning the budget flow and investment plan, spending and reporting in accordance with the purpose, organizing the procurement of works, services and goods in accordance with the law, and conducting the financial activities of the organization on a continuous basis.
6Procurement division
Procument division is responsible for purchasing a necessary goods and provide essentail services for the agency.
7Foreign relation and cooperation division
Foreign relation and cooperation division is responsible for cooperating with foreign immigration offices and provide authority with news around the world regarding immigration.
8Evaluation and audit division
To monitor the compliance of the organization with the decisions of other authorized organizations and officials, to eliminate the revealed violations and shortcomings, to monitor and evaluate the activities of the organization, to report, to have an external organization, to conduct internal audit of the organization's activities and financial activities performs the functions of making, advising, and improving operations.
9IT division
IT division is responsible for introducing information, communication and technological advances into the organization's operations, ensuring the normal and security of the organization's information network, and making necessary developments for internal operations software.