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Apply for B3 residency permit


Required materials 


  • Official request letter by inviting organization and legal entity (Must include organization`s type of activity, duration of stay)
  • Original copy of official request made for visa permission, copy of other documents used in visa permission application;
  • Address statement by local sum, khoroo`s authority 
  • Copy of passport or relevant valid substitute (must be valid for a minimum of 180 days before your intended travel to Mongolia);
  • Other necessary documents (tax payment, copy of social insurance book, etc)
  • Letter of proxy is needed If someone is applying on behalf of their organization and work ID  
  • Receipt of payment 
  • Application form 



  • Extension application must be submitted 5 working days before the expiration of the residence permit.Foreign national shall apply for residency permit within 21 days after entry.
  •  A foreign national applying for a residence permit for the first time must come to the Immigration agency in person and register biometric data (fingerprints, photos).
  • Residency permit can be issued for up to 1 year 
  • Foreign national shall apply for residency permit in person
  • Physical examination is needed for an official and private residency purpose
  • Foreign national can re-apply after 90 days in case of denial


Processing time:

Standard - 5 working days
Expedite- 3 working days


Recipient name: "Гадаадын иргэн, ХГазар"
Recipient account: Golomt bank- 1320000052
Transaction description: Residency permit for 1 person
Standard- 135.000₮ 
Expedite- 255.000₮


Residency card fee:
Recipient name: "АВЕРС СЕКЬЮРИТИ ХХК"
Recipient account: Golomt bank- 2205140728
Transaction description: Residency permit for 1 person


Standard- 156.000₮
Expedite- 276.000₮


Issuing authority 
Immigration Agency of Mongolia