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Apply for G residency permit


Required materials 

▪ Official request (must include duration and purpose of stay);
▪ Original copy of documents used in visa permission application (including official request letter)  
▪ Address statement by local sum, khoroo`s authority;
▪ Copy of passport or relevant valid substitute (must be valid for a minimum of 180 days before your intended travel to Mongolia);
▪ 3 photos (size 3.5x4.5)
▪ Biography of three generations (including biography of the applicant, wife/husband/, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother);
▪ Police criminal record by country of origin
▪ Reference letter on mental health, communicable disease and human immunodeficiency virus;
▪ Proof of sufficient funding;
▪ Original copy graduate certifcate, diploma with official translation;
▪ Receipt of payment 
▪ Application form 


Residence permit for immigrant`s child 
▪ Request;
▪ Proof of residency from khoroo`s governor (address, number of family members);
▪ Passport and other valid substitute with a copy 
▪ 1 photo (size 3.5x4.5)
▪ Birth certificate with official translation
▪ Parents` residency permit with a copy 
▪ Receipt of payment 
▪ Application form (apply online)







▪ Short-term visitor must apply for residence permit at the Immigration agency of Mongolia within 21 days after entry
▪ Foreign national must apply for private purpose residency permit within 21 days after entry at Immigration Agency of Mongolia. 
▪ A foreign national applying for a residence permit for the first time must come to the Immigration agency in person and register biometric data (fingerprints, photos).
▪ In case of refusal to issue or renew a residence permit, the same type of residence may be re-applied for after 1 year.
▪ The period of residence permit of a child under the age of 18 of an immigrant visa holder is determined by the period of residence permit of his / her parents or guardians.
▪ Immigration Agency of Mongolia has the authority to cancel immigrant residency permit if the foreign national stayed abroad more than 180 days in one year.
▪ Immigrant residency permit holder must notify online/in person 72 hours before leaving the country. 
▪ Eligibility:
▪ One month`s income must be 5 times more than mongolian minimum wage 
▪ Must have undergraduate or graduate degree or specialized in essential major in mongolia
▪ No criminal history 
▪ Never been deported or banned to enter Mongolia
▪ Resided legally in Mongolia for 3 consecutive years




Processing time:

Standart - 60 days 


Recipient name: "Гадаадын иргэн, ХГазар"
Recipient account: Golomt bank- 1320000052
Transaction description: Residency permit for 1 person
Standard- 135.000₮


Residency card fee:
Recipient name: "АВЕРС СЕКЬЮРИТИ ХХК"
Recipient account: Golomt bank- 2205140728
Transaction description: Residency permit for 1 person 
Standard - 156.000₮


Issuing authority 
Immigration Agency of Mongolia