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Apply for H1 visa permission


General requirements for inviting individual and organization 


▪ Official invitation letter (Must include purpose and duration of stay, visa receiving point)
▪ Official request by inviting organization and legal entity;
▪ Copy of H1 applicant`s passport 
▪ Copy of passport or relevant valid substitute (must be valid for a minimum of 180 days before your intended travel to Mongolia);
▪ Official marriage, birth or adoption certificate with official translation
▪ Receipt of payment
▪ Completed application form (apply online)








▪ “Family member” means someone with proof of foreign national`s husband, wife, partner, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and children (under the age of 18).
▪ A response will be sent to registered e-mail, in case of visa permission refusal
▪ Visa permission is valid for 60 days after issuance
▪ Short-term visitor must apply for residence permit at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia within 21 days after entry
▪ Short-term visitor must apply for residence permit if intended stay is more than 180 days in one year
▪ You can re-apply again after 180 days If documents are found forged or obtained visa by false declaration, 30 days if application has been denied with other reasons.




Processing time:

Standard - 5 working days
Expedite - 3 working days

Recipient account: Golomt bank- 1320000052
Recipient name: "Гадаадын иргэн, ХГазар"


Transaction description: Визийн Зөвшөөрөл 1 хүн 2500₮
Standard- 2500₮
Expedite- 5000₮


Visa issuing authority 
Immigration Agency of Mongolia 


Apply online